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Apr 17, 2013 · The StG 44 fired the 7. If the ranges were 300 yards and under these rifles would win the day over the M-1 Garand.

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Feb 14, 2020 · The STG 44 was designed by Hugo Schmeisser who designed a number of weapons for the German military.

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92×33mm Kurz, was an intermediate round that was much less powerful than the 7.

It is also known under the designations MP 43 and MP 44 (Maschinenpistole 43, Maschinenpistole 44.

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Sturmgewehr 44.

org/wiki/StG_44" h="ID=SERP,5932.

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In April 1944, it was renamed the MP-44 and distributed to soldiers in small numbers.

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Disassembly of this rifle is really eas.


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The StG 44 was an assault rifle and it's round, the 7.

There was a need to have a rifle established to shoot a cartridge that shot farther than the standard 9mm ammunition that many weapons in the standard German armament used.

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92x33mm, which was basically a.


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Too little, too late.

92×33 mm OVERALL LENGTH – 94 cm (37 in) BARREL LENGTH – 41.

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, slightly over engineered.

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If they don’t already know, most people correctly guess that the STG 44 is the grandfather of the Soviet AK-47, sharing many similarities.

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<span class=" fc-falcon">Barrel Length: 420 mm.

) I currently own a Springfield M-1A with twenty round magazines.

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The Stg-44, which it was eventually named, could take fairly accurate shots out to about 200 yards and provide real close-in full auto.


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The StG-44 was a truly revolutionary weapon, bringing firepower down to the individual soldier level.

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It has good firepower and accuracy, a moderate firing speed, but the recoil is hard to control when spraying.

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The German industry pumped out 425,977 StG’s for the Wehrmacht until the end of the war.

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It had a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and was chambered for the 7.

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The original StG 44 (full name: Sturmgewehr 44, which translates to “assault rifle 44”) was a German rifle developed during World War II by Hugo Schmeisser.

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The full name of the STG 44 is the Sturmgewehr 44 which in German translates to "Assualt Rifle 44" or "Assualt Weapon 44" similarly to the Waffe 28 which is a WW2 German SMG or Sub Machine Gun which it's name translates to "Weapon 28" Edit: spelling errors.